Linux vs. Windows Hosting

Linux vs. Windows Hosting

As you look for web hosting options, you have the choice of working with the Windows or Linux operating systems. Both of these operating systems are valuable in their own ways, but you have to look at what you are getting out of a system. You must look at what makes Windows and Linux hosting choices different from one another.

The main difference between these two is that you are working with a server that operates on a specific operating system. Some servers run on Linux while others just use Windows. Choosing one that is right for you is vital for getting the most out of your hosting efforts.

The general point is that Linux provides you with a more technical approach while Windows is more streamlined. But as you will see here, there are many things relating to the two that make them different from one another. You cannot go wrong with either choice, but you should look to see what makes the two of them so different from one another in any fashion.

Programs That Work

The first point to see entails the most noteworthy difference between the Linux and Windows hosting options. Each choice works with different kinds of programs that fit your work needs.

Linux works with many traditional scripts that can handle critical programs for online use. These include MySQL and PHP among other choices. These are utilized in the production of pages for WordPress, forums for phpBB, online shopping platforms and much more.

Windows is a little more streamlined. A hosting solution with this OS in mind focuses more on programs that Microsoft has produced. This works for .NET and ASP functions as well as for MSSQL, the SQL server setup that Microsoft offers.

Installation Functions

Regardless of which one you use, you will get access to one-click installation for Windows and Linux operating systems. The installation process for what you are using should be the same no matter what you plan on getting out of your work. Be aware of how a program you want to install runs and that you have a good plan for using it though.

OS Builds

You can work with one of many operating system builds with any of the hosting options you want to use. For Windows, you can still with a Windows Server system. This is useful for many needs as it is Windows configured to work with host setups. It is also regularly updated and is protected by a typical host service provider.

For Linux, you have an extra bit of freedom to work with. You can choose to get an OS build running in any format that you wish. You can get a server to work with multiple types of Linux operating system layouts like Debian or Ubuntu among other choices. You would have to compare each option to see what makes them distinct and unique from one another.

Also, you might not get access to all the updates made on some Linux servers. The flexibility and customization involved makes it so you might have more control over how you will use certain versions of a Linux build.

Control Panels

The Windows OS uses the Plesk system. This works with most major security extensions in mind. You can use this to quickly identify multiple points and control features in your Windows hosting effort.

The cPanel setup is used for Linux sites. cPanel operates with a convenient design that is easy to follow. It lets you create MySQL databases and adjust PHP content.

Both of these control panels should be easy to utilize in most cases. But you should at least compare the two to see what makes them work differently and how you can adjust the things on your site with something of value.

Security Points

The security of a host is vital to its success. But the qualities of Windows and Linux servers are very different due to how they are organized with certain controls and functions in mind.

It might be easy for a Windows server to be secured because there is a single standard used for getting Windows servers ready. But even then, there is a chance that a Windows server will not work due to people finding exploits in the Windows system. Also, every Windows server operates on the same platform, thus making it so every Windows server out there could be impacted in some fashion.

Also, a Windows server might have more technical support because the system used by it is so widespread. The added simplicity ensures that people can get more items controlled in some fashion.

Linux offers extra security in that people can control their platforms in any way they see fit. Some Linux servers are stable enough to where they do not have to be rebooted all that quickly. But you should still see how well a server is organized and that it is not too complicated or hard to handle. Every Linux server can be customized in many ways, so you must see that whatever you plan on using is organized carefully and correctly.


Linux offers more customization for your use than Windows. This is thanks to Linux being an open source solution. The open source nature provides you with access to the source code for Linux. You can use this to produce various programs as you see fit. You would require a technical expert to help you with producing the proper programs you want to run with. The functions that your server provider would let you work with might also be varied, so look around to see what you can get out of your work when hiring someone for this.

Windows does not provide you with many customization options. Much of this is due to Windows operating off of a different kind of platform. You would have to look at this carefully when figuring out what works for you in any situation. You still have the option to install different applications that work on Windows, but you must look at how well they might be utilized in any situation you have.

There are different types of web hosting based on users need, the basic hosting is called as shared hosting and it prolongs to cloud hosting and dedicated server hosting.

Cost Points

Linux hosting is cheaper than Windows hosting because of a lack of licenses. Since Linux is an open source program, you do not have to pay as many licensing fees as what you might get out of Windows. Some Linux builds might still require you to pay certain fees, although those are not as prominent as what you would pay for licensing Windows. Therefore, Linux is typically a cheaper option to host a site with.

You may still find good deals with Windows, but the cost will vary based on the functions you need to work with. You might have to pay extra to reach some of the special server functions or other keys that Windows comes with. Be aware of this when you are looking to do more with your work and make it stand out.

What About the OS You Use?

The interesting thing about choosing one of these options is that you don’t necessarily have to use an option based on your operating system. That is, you don’t have to use Windows hosting services if you operate off of Windows. The hosting you work with can run on your computer no matter what operating system your computer has or what OS you stick with in the hosting process.

You might have an easier time with one hosting choice depending on the operating system you regularly use. People who work with Windows functions naturally do better with Windows hosting. But you can always test the Linux setup if you desire too. Many Linux hosting providers offer free trials to help you figure out how a setup works. Then again, Windows hosting groups tend to offer the same trials to people who are interested just as well.

A Final Word

So, is Windows or Linux hosting a better option for your needs? There is no genuine answer as to which one works best for every single person who needs it. If anything, you should stick with a choice that fits based on the requirements you hold.

Windows hosting is best if you need access to MSSQL and other Microsoft technologies. Windows is also great if you need to integrate Outlook and other Microsoft software programs into your site.

Linux is helpful if you want to work with a blog or forum program or any kind of major web commerce system. But it works best if you need access to additional code features or you want to customize something in a specific way.

Whatever the case may be, make sure you choose properly. Look around to see what is available for your use as you get a hosting plan ready. You will see when you find the right option that it is not tough for you to make the most out of your hosting plans. You will benefit from having a convenient setup for use if planned accordingly. will soon be merged with! Thanks for the support and checkout